Just hello

My tennis shoes lay in a corner and suddenly I feel guilty.

On the list I made (of goals and dreams) was the dreaded “workout.”

At one time, I can’t say I dreaded going to the gym. I lived right down the street and it was no big deal.

But now, it is not just the act of exercising, but traveling to get there, paying for gas that is high and somehow, I see it as one more brick to carry instead of what it is meant to be.

Add to that the cost. Albeit nominal for my membership.

And then there is the traffic thing. So now to make it to my destination, I am fighting my gas bill and the traffic to get there.


Pulling weeds on a hot day will wear you out in central Florida.


It’s that time of year. The mosquitoes are everywhere and I am their ungracious host.

The thought occurred to me that if I walk more and just keep up with housework and gardening, that is enough. Add a few spot exercises and there you go.

I sent an email to cancel my membership because I can’t stand to waste money.

I tried to post the going back to the gym photo (we’ve all seen it) to further motivate myself.

Tell me you have not thought the same thing.

A very famous singer I admire was asked in a news interview if she went to the gym and she said she was not really into that.

She does strength training at home and dances around the house.

So there you go.

My tennis shoes just wanted to say ..


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