A Dream is a Hope Planned in Advance

Today I awoke with a plan.

Life things, you know. Laundry. Wash dishes. Clean the bathroom. Return phone calls. Check emails.

I love cleaning house and I know that seems weird.

Who doesn’t love the smell of soap? And clean laundry swishing about in the dryer?


My bestie and I are just a week and a half away from our yearly girls trip to my home state and also to another state where my oldest daughter and her family live.

This is the time of year when all my creativity dances like fireflies on an Indiana hill in the summer.

I love to travel and see new things, and explore our country and its people.

Things like a painted barn make me smile. So do cows. And chickens on the run.

Old houses. Apple orchards. And more.

I love visiting my family.

My annual trip is a must for me. In a perfect world, I could make that trip, in various capacities, a few times a year.

Instead of saying see you next year, it would be a few months.

So one of my dreams is to make enough money to both take care of my usual and do several trips a year. And perhaps wrap some book signing into that, and maybe a couple speaking engagements, to help fund that.

Everyone, I believe, has dreams beyond the ordinary.

Over dinner tonight with friends, we all discussed what kind of cars we would have if we were wealthy.

(I don’t prefer the word rich. I am rich because my life is richly filled with church, family and friends. Wealth is material and money based.)

One said a friend of theirs saw a Rolls Royce they’d like to have.

I said no way.

Give me a king cab pickup truck fully loaded and a Jeep Wrangler the same, and we are good.

Well my friend reminded me, that hey you need your everyday car.

Hmm. Well. Maybe a Dodge Charger.


But given the present cost of gas, I am so glad I don’t have a truck or a Jeep.

Wealthy to me: I want to be established enough that I not only take care of my own bills (which I have been doing for years), but also being able to contribute in great ways.

A philanthropist.

Dreams run on hopes and as long as hope exists, we have dreams.

So where does planning come in?

If I have a dream to take an extra trip next year, or send a special gift, or fund an activity, I have to plan. Scribble some figures, save a little here and there.

I can’t tell you how often I have heard people say if I only had the money for ….

And these days, it seems to be more of a challenge.

Some dreams don’t involve money.

Sticktuitiveness. (There is a red line under this word as I type. I assume it is not a word. But I have used it for years.)

When I think of people who go to work the same job every day for years and years, I see someone who whether they meant to dream that way or not, already is accomplishing their dream just the same.

They showed up. Again. And again.

There are authors I know who started with a notebook and pen, literally. They would submit and submit and resubmit, until being rejected again. And then they resubmit.

Another try. And another try.

Moves are as valuable as a monetary resource.

How many of our goals involve money? How many require consistency? And how many simply unfold as we take the first step?

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