Dreams or plans, one and the same?

If you were asked to describe your hopes, dreams and plans, what would you say?

I always like to add “if money was not an issue,” as that and scheduling are two dream blasters.

“Alaska,” my friend said. A dispatcher at a local hospital, most of her waking time was spent making those connections .. all .. day … long.

When I saw her post the photos on her timeline, I knew. She reached her dream. Then came the stories of Alaska in the spring. Of what a typical day looks like. And how big the plants get.

Day planners. Calendars. Lists. Bulletin boards.

I guess it is one thing to say “hey I am dreaming of one day ….” And then you fill in the blank, and actually do it. Or not?

We hear people talk about winning the lottery, finding their pot of gold, hitting it big or their ship may one day “come in.”

The sun sets. The sun rises. And we find we are no closer to our goals than we were before.

One woman, when asked to describe her dream vacation, went into great detail. Every move, every plan. How much it would cost. Where she would go next. I was like wowwww. Now there is a planner.

So I looked at my own dreams. And plans. Suddenly it made sense why some of my dreams came true and some did not. (Although truth be told, sometimes your dreams can change as time goes on. Maybe you learned something new to add to your list of dreams.)

A plan.

Some folks are list makers and others ‘movers and shakers,’ some like to go with the flow and others swim against it.

I’m a list maker. Mundane notes of where to go, what is needed, maybe something inspirational I heard, an observation or a hmmm.

One plan I have .. since this is the month of June .. is to make a plan on paper. (No special reason why I picked June, it’s just hey, it’s June!) Corporations, large organizations, non-profits, government entities, and even churches do this.

A 100 page report of a “strategic plan.”

What is yours?

Tomorrow we will talk about “Where do I start?”

Life is an adventure. But it doesn’t have to be haphazard.

One thought on “Dreams or plans, one and the same?

  1. Very well said. People with plans often accomplish their goals and, sometimes, far exceed them! It’s easy to get lost without a roadmap, although sometimes even the best laid plans can encounter an unexpected detour. But you get there in the end.


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