Winter, summer, shopping, goals and laziness

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

While standing by our bonfire tonight, it struck me that I am super productive in the fall and spring. When the weather gets cold, I just sort of feel like I could hibernate .. and yet we know that is not the way to get where you want to be, or do what you want to do.

And when you think about it, with anything in life, we can always craft an excuse as to why we don’t do the things we set out to do.

Summer inspires me with beautiful sunrises and breathtaking sunsets, wonderful storms that sweep over sunny Florida with the sweet smell of the ocean in tow.

Winter can be marvelous because we in the south finally get to wear our favorite boots and sweaters.




While talking to my bestie today, we discussed how people set out to do something and then change, and decide not to do it, and then change again and go after it again. Some people do this frequently.

For example, the resolution that I am going to work out every day goes right out the window when I come home from a long day or decide that I’d rather do something else. (I own the shirt that reads “yay, cardio, said no one ever.”)

Today, we purposed to do a little shopping after I got off work, and so braved the roads and traffic to head an hour away.

I am proud of my list. One of my goals this year is to whittle away at my debt and the only way you do that is spending wisely.

Three things this year are on my “must allow” list for spending, besides any craft work I do. That is my hair, my nails, and things from my favorite fragrant body wash and perfume lotion line. No compromise.

I canceled a subscription to a publication (saved 40 dollars a month).

And used coupons during a sale for the items I wanted.

So we think of fitness, finance, and then, other endeavors.

What is my “other?”

I blog (although as of yet, I have not monetized it), write, do crafts and cook, and more.

Some people have a side hustle of some sort in addition to their job. Which is fine as long as you can manage all of it, and make sure your number one bread winning job gets the most effort.

While I was out today, I stood in a bookstore and realized these people need to be introduced to my book. Well I may put that on my goals list. Actually, it has been there for years.


The central core of marketing is anticipating the needs of the people who need your product, service, or opportunity.

Marketing must never become a pinball game where one haphazardly hits the side knobs and hopes the ball rolls the right direction.


Inasmuch as I really put my all into my work and give it my best, I confess that some of my side endeavors have fallen lackluster.

Or hitter-misser. Or maybe you’ll get to it tomorrow. Or next month. Or next year.

But is it really laziness? One must remember to be kind to oneself. Seriously, if you are out in the world (or at home as a full time parent or caregiver) putting your all out there, you may have little left to give other attentions.

But it is not impossible.

I watched a young lady who was a business woman change careers, put her all into that, and I was wondering why is she tying up all her time like that, being that she did not really have to work. She and her family had done well over the years.

One day, however, through a series of purchases she made, I suddenly realized why she labored so long and hard.

This was her why. It was the reason she kept going and did not give up. The photo she had in her mind came to fruition because she never took her eyes off the goal. One career beget another side career as well as a legacy for her kids. I was like whoa .. I want that motivation.

More on that .. another day. Something to think about. Small steps consistently get us where we need to be.

I am proud of myself for blogging again tonight.

3 thoughts on “Winter, summer, shopping, goals and laziness

  1. Small, consistent steps is the way to go indeed. I believe that winners and losers make the same goals, but it’s the habits that will get either one to their destination. Thanks for this post, and wishing you all the best on your journey!

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