I have an idea πŸ’‘

A pen and paper, or an Ipad and a stylus, or free time and just your thoughts can make dreams come true.

In my twelve years of journalism, I met so many incredible people .. actors and actresses, politicians and peacemakers, the very rich in wealth, the very poor, and more.

Stories popped up with almost no effort at times, while on other occasions, simplicity cast its nod away and one would have to dig for the greater truth.

Nonetheless, every great endeavor, it seems, started with an idea.

“Well I am glad you are creative like that, it’s just not me,” some say. Or is it?

I’m not a scientist, but while washing dishes or petting my cat, or just in the course of a normal work day, it seems to me that when my creativity finds a place to grow, it flourishes.

Be like a tree, they say.

And grow.

Some ideas are good ideas.

I think of the day I decided to go to college. Nine years later (I was working full time and authored a book at the same time, my Grandma passed away, and so forth, just life) I walked across the stage and was presented my Associates Degree.

I think of other ideas I’ve had, to dabble in fiction story writing, for example, which is about ten or eleven chapters deep .. a work in progress.

Then a couple of ridiculous ideas (getting the back of my head nearly shaved in a haircut, nope it’s not me) or the time as a kid, I decided to explore climbing trees and suddenly discovered I did not know how to come down.

Check. Check. Check.

So with wisdom in hand, I float this out to you.

What kind of ideas do you have that you have not pursued yet, no doubt worthy goals that could help humanity, who knows what is rolling around in your head?

One of my ideas this year was that I should work out, bake bread more often (please don’t laugh, the combination is hilarious as it is), get my hair professionally done, work on my music, eat breakfast, have tea time frequently, focus on the positive and …

Oh, that is more than one idea.

Then once we hatch an idea and we don’t follow through, the rugged mountains of defeat appear.


Why can’t I ..

Well why can’t I?

So whether this blog finds you at a crossroads or facing simple decisions in every day life, or you feel strong, or you don’t, for the task ahead, would it be a good thing to make a list, or a dream board, and keep it in front of you?

More on that another time.

If you make one and are not afraid to share it, send one of your friends or mentors an email or message.

Sometimes just vocalizing our dreams makes them one step closer to us.

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