What is progress?

I overheard a conversation one time in which one person said to another person (about who, who knows?) that well, “she must think she is so important she needs a website.”

And I chuckled, as I knew they were not talking about me, since they did not know me. But I seriously wanted to break in on the conversation (strictly taboo, you know, to do something like that lol) and ask why having a website seemed like a big deal to them.

In this day and age, it is strictly a method of communication. And you have the advantage of controlling your content.

I still blog because I enjoy writing creatively and because once in a while, someone’s day is made better because of it.


As you know, I am a list maker and goal setter, and sometimes I try and sometimes I fail.

Or is it really failure? I wonder if not trying at all is failure itself, or maybe not even a failure so much as it is deciding you will or will not do a particular thing.

The gym. I went to the gym two days, made a Facebook post, felt accomplished and then poof.

Motivation I had not.

Where it went, I do not know.

Nevertheless, I have a gym bag and for the sake of health need to get back at it.

On a whole side note, I got my second covid vaccine, recovered from the effects and cleaned house for a while.

So I feel somewhat accomplished today.

What is on your list?

Are you setting and reaching your goals?

I imagine we all do a tug of war with our list.

Good luck with yours, as well as mine.

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