The enthusiasm of success

Here I am, curled up with a cup of coffee, contemplating the Olympics and the stories of those who let nothing stand in the way of their dreams.

One look at their faces and you can sure see the training it took to get this far.

Several Olympians have made the statement “I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished.”

Tears have gushed, crowds have cheered, history is being made via virtual channels in probably the most unusual Olympics we have ever seen.

The proverbial “which came first” quiz .. were they enthusiastic before getting this far, or was this fueled by qualifying for the team, and in some cases, taking home the honorable medals?

Some had the dream as early as childhood.


All your friends doing their thing .. going to parties, sleeping in, taking trips.

Training took precedent over every other option of how to occupy your day.

How many “catch you later” and “we’ll do that someday” occasions .. how many early mornings, throwing on those running shoes to get to your gym or country road, or the town’s only high hill, how many late nights, just one more triple twist, one more .. one more.

How many people doubted they would make it?

How many times did they have to find the grace to not reply to naysayers.

“Don’t give up your day job.”

“You’ll never find a sponsor.”

“It’s just not possible.”

And life went on, with the pandemic, and family members that had challenges, life’s ups and downs, sprinkled with splinters of little irritations .. the equipment that didn’t arrive on time or the vehicle that broke down.

Some found time for personal lives. Others had less of that.

But at that moment, the shine of accomplishment illuminated the faces of those who would not under any circumstance, give up.

“I’m so glad I did not give up,” one Olympian told news reporters.

And you know what?

I am so glad they did not give up. That their smiles and determination are showing the rest of the world the meaning of true enthusiasm and passion for what they are called to do.

So where are you tonight? What are you contemplating? May tomorrow bring success to you as you likewise walk in the light of your calling.

I have a list of dreams ..

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