How to make a list of dreams

A yellow butterfly .. like really bright solid yellow .. chased me today while I was working a back to school backpack giveaway. I smiled and thought, aww, butterflies love me. It seems that everywhere I go, I come across their path.

Might be my perfume, duly noted that wasps and bees seem to chase me as well!

Not welcome.

Bees are cool if they just do their bee thing. That pollination makes the world go around, and we are grateful.

But the weirdest thing was that this yellow butterfly was some distance from any flowers or bushes, a distance from a usual resting place for a butterfly.

Not that butterflies rest much either.


Sometimes you can talk to a person about goals and dreams, and they say, “you know, I do not know where to start.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Establish whether you are going to have a bulletin board as your dream board, or do a dream book. Either is good because you can clip out a magazine photo of some cool place you would like to visit.

2. Think about persons, places and things. What makes your world go around? Spending time with lots of people, or just a few, or by yourself?

3. What would you like to do .. go to a ball game, visit a museum, have a beach day?

There are a number of group activities to be enjoyed.

Or perhaps you prefer an alone project. Something you do alone. Maybe go for dinner at your favorite restaurant, or shop for new parts for that car you are restoring.

4. What was the last place you visited that ignited your senses? Why not do that again? How did you feel afterwards? For me, a trip downtown to the coffee shop, the library and culling the local shops for something unique is a very relaxing afternoon. I feel inspired to write more after visiting a library.

5. Things. There are people who say it is wrong to be materialistic (and for sure it is good to enjoy the fruits of your labors), while others receive that as an expression of love. Things can be cool and also not having a lot of things can be cool as they are easier to maintain. What is your choice?

6. Maybe add your item or items to that dream board or dream book. Photos and prices, make a goal.

I have a couple of things I would like to have when the price is right.


But you can also dream about your occupation. I feel so blessed to be where I am now, as a Crime Prevention Specialist. I also lived the dream of becoming a professional writer. But it all started when I was a customer service rep at a local hospital.

I had been there about three years and loved my job, but at the time had a dream of becoming a reporter and writer.

Having received one rejection after another for some of my poetry from publishing companies that closed, I now chuckle that I really did meet that goal, and not just a little.

As a customer service rep, I started getting serious about my writing and was working on a book, so when people asked what I did, I said I am a customer service rep and a writer.

“Are you published?” they would ask.

I smiled and said well not yet, but I am working steadily toward that.

7. What dreams do you need to speak into existence? Is there a career change you have in mind? Maybe you want to go back to school?

8. Put your book or board where your dreams are in front of you. This becomes your why. This is your motivating plan to get you to where you are going.

Well, I’d better go check on dinner. Chicken and rice and vegetables tonight. Looks like it is going to storm, and I don’t mind. The sound of a soft rain as I go to sleep would be glorious indeed.

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