Happy with the ordinary

Are you happy? I mean really really happy?

If not, why not, and what will it take for that to happen for you?

Tonight I feel like I should be expounding on some great bestseller I have read, or announcing fantastic plans for my next vacation, or presenting something worthy, ponderous, beautiful, creative, notable.

I have been happy for several days now. Not that I am unhappy on many days, just that some days I take more note of the fact I am happy.

I wonder what would happen if we substituted words for what we believe happiness is.

Time? Connection? Relief from pain? Unannounced excursion to a really cool place? Debt relief? Epiphany? Great food? A clean house?

And then I think about how most people have some commonalities when it comes to happiness, like everyone loves a good movie or book ending, or everyone loves a hero kind of thing.

Yet what is happiness to one does not matter as much to another.

Chocolate used to make me happy, a splendid thing indeed!


Does what?

Does happiness have to manifest itself as the extraordinary?

Cows. Cows make me smile.

Coffee cups likewise. And teapots. Nature. Pretty flowers. Friendships. Laughter.

I was in the store this weekend and heard two little girls in a shopping cart giggling.

It made me smile.

Today, had a great day all around. Worked hard and came home to a hot cup of coffee.

I think of my family, and how everyone in my family works hard. Dependable. Stick with it, kind of people.

I love that heritage.

The other cool thing is I never got the feeling that we would all be happy “someday.”

Joy in the moment. Lighten your heart, laugh a little, dwell on the positive.

I never really thought about how the ordinary days were meaningful and beautiful as a kid. Maybe we muse these things as we get older.

Meanwhile .. what are you doing to increase your happiness?

More on this in upcoming blogs. Explore new things indeed.

The frogs were singing this morning as it rained last night .. and I wonder if tomorrow will be the same. Their song is beautiful to me, raw and real.

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