Never too late

Was going through some photos tonight to add to my blog.

My goal is to quit using file art from the free media library offered by the company from which I purchase my website, and create beautiful and original art of my own.

When I first started taking photos, my camera went with me everywhere.

I need to get back to that, for sure.

It is never too late to make something better.

Changed up my profile photo on my blog. Will likely do a complete redesign.

In my free time, am writing another book and planning to launch a Youtube channel at some point, sewing a quilt that I have been (yes, ashamedly) working on for 30 years, crocheting a baby blanket for my next granddaughter, and working in my garden every day after work. Also, I am almost finished with my training for The Order of the Daughters of the King at our church, and after quarantine, am anxious to get back to singing with our choir.

Guitar strings. I need new ones. So there is that as well. A random thought.

So that is what is on my mind tonight. It is never too late to improve.


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