Believe the best will happen

Coronavirus, devastation, political upheaval, increased crime, disorder.

The words of the day hitting headlines around the world.

Today, am enjoying a leisurely day off. Ordinarily, I would be running errands and other such community things. We in America have been told to stay home as much as possible, wash hands and monitor for symptoms of coronavirus.

I have never been a head in the sand person, ignoring the issues at hand.

But neither have I been a panic person.

Prepare, and wait.

There is in the human heart a room where we decide our outlook on life. I admire people who are perpetually optimistic. I try to be that way. It is a goal.

There is a mantra of “believe the best will happen.”

One circle says we will not believe the best .. we will dwell on the worst.

The other circle says they will cling to their faith, as they are believing the best.

In either case, preparation is a good idea.

I must say though, after making preparations and adhering to CDC guidelines, believing the best is uplifting.

I believe I will have a good day.

I believe the world is full of goodness and untold positive stories.

I believe in miracles.

And if for some reason, the cloud of sickness, or other issue comes near, I still will believe.

Life is life. Ups and downs. Sickness and health. Good and bad.

Belief is the sparkle of a thousand stars, the all encompassing ray of sunshine, new growth of green grass and flowers that push heavenward.

And more.

I hope none of us in Polk County get the coronavirus.

My science mind says yes it is possible and even probable beyond measure.

assorted color star decor on wall
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on


My faith mind says “this too shall pass.”

Many prayers for those who suffer today, that they may be healed. That life would return with music and laughter in the city streets. That health would prevail and we would all remember how we survived.

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