Even a car needs personal time

The line was long and I was beginning to regret that I had designated this cool and sunny Monday to “car care” day.

“Your wait is going to be about 2 hours,” the dealership attendant said.

“I really don’t have a choice, it is my day off,” I said.

Having a good read tucked into my bag, I handed him my keys and fetched a cup of coffee in a little styrofoam cup.

Heading to a corner seat with a table, I took up residence for who knows how long, as it appears there is also a recall they need to take care of, re the backup cameras on my vehicle.


This oil change is free and so is the tire rotation. Part of the deal they gave me at point of sale.

Already, it has been a busy day. Picked up the kitchen and wiped the counters and refrigerator with bleach.

Goals of the day include paying bills, going to the store, putting gas in my car, and of course, car care.

When you pay a hefty car payment for the privilege of reliable transportation, it is one of those things you manage.

Keeping up with your life, it is.

So they will change the oil, rotate the tires and fix the camera.

Next stop will be the car spa for their cheapest swish, scrub and vacuum.

And so forth.

I see my car the way I see other parts of my life.

Myself. And you, as well.

We need some sort of down time. A re-set. Maybe that is a facial, time for a cup of tea and some planning or journaling.

A few minutes in the sun, or listening to some beautiful music.

I did not publish my New Year’s resolutions this year. I for sure wrote them in my journal.

But am keeping up with the 2020 theme, The Year of Light.

Today is Epiphany, and I celebrate it here at the dealership, waiting on my car.

Watching the Casting of The Cross ceremony airing from Tarpon Springs.

Blessings, all.

P.S. What are you doing to walk out your Year of Light?

flight pigeon twig
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “Even a car needs personal time

  1. First, I think Epiphany is far more important to me than New Year’s Day. There is meaning behind it. I hope to live this upcoming year in a more healthy and fit manner. I know we say this every year. But, this year feels different to me. I love the concept of light today, and want it to continue throughout 2020.


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