Dig another well

Somewhere in the middle of Gerar, a town located in the land to the east of the Mediterranean Sea, a young man named Isaac was having issues with the Philistines.

The Philistine king, Abimelech, had just had a heated discussion about Isaac lying to the king about Rebekah, Isaac’s wife.

Isaac told the king that Rebekah was his sister, not his wife, because he was afraid that besides taking her captive, the Philistines would kill him.

When the king found out that was not the case, he was not a happy man.

But Bible history indicates (Genesis 26) that the land occupied by Isaac was his by blessing from God.

Isaac gets his wife back and basically, the king is like, hey .. get out of here.

Well Isaac was living before the invention of running water, and every tent owner would dig a well, or two or three, depending on their need.

Isaac became a very prosperous man, as God fulfilled His promises to him. He had “great” numbers of flocks and possessions.

“The Philistines envied him.”

I am 51 years old, and have read this passage many times.

Yet never noticed this.

“Now the Philistines had stopped up all the wells which his (Isaac’s father, Abraham) had dug in the days of Abraham his father, and they had filled them with earth.”

Filled. Them. With. Earth.

And my mind, as I sip my coffee and pet my cat this morning, goes to those I know who are struggling to keep going.

Everything they do to try to bless their homes, their communities, their churches .. seems to end up with someone kicking sand in their well.

Discouragement is not easy to deal with. One soul I know said “you just try so hard. Seems like nothing works.”

Another person is dealing with a toxic family member. Everything stinks, nothing is ever good enough. All the world are “morons.” Their family is running out of steam trying to keep the peace.

I can’t imagine Isaac’s frustration at seeing his wells filled in with dirt.

So he moved to the valley, and dug another well. But it was not long before neighboring herdsmen had something to say about that.

It took him a total of three “tries” before he was able to dig a well without opposition.

You know, this life is hard sometimes. We dig figurative wells.

Outside of completely leaving a situation, the average person seeks renewal.

Dig another well.

What do you mean, dig a well?

What encourages you? What uplifts you?

We become guardians of the wells of our peace.

Someone pitches sand in, you pitch it back out.

I heard of one person who is regularly put down and called names by someone close to them.

In complete disbelief, I am like wow ..

Pitch the sand out of there, kiddo.

That is not the life for you.

We have no control over the actions of others.

Only over how long we are going to allow the sand to fill our reservoir.

Practical note: Someone says you are stupid.

You say: I am not stupid.

I am an intelligent being, with gifts and talents. I am a son or daughter of God. I was created on purpose. God has a plan for my life. My life has value.

Picture then a golden shovel, and dig another well.

Blessings to all today.

Here is sunny Florida, we have a rare cold snap today.

The cats have all snuggled up on fuzzy blankets and the fish are maintaining.

After all, fish do not wear sweaters. 🙂

timelapse photography off water fountain
Photo by Gabriel Peter on Pexels.com

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