A new season it is

Outside my bedroom window, I hear the garbage truck emptying cans, making early morning clanging sounds as the long arm of the truck puts the can down.

Molly Moo, my cat, joined Winter Moo and Oreo for their morning treats. Last night, Molly had a frog cornered in the kitchen. I tried to pick it up, and she quickly fetched it herself. I almost hurled. Blecchhhhhh. Ran to get my brave friend, who grabbed a paper towel and retrieved said frog, who was of course, in bad shape.

Ordinary things. Ordinary day.

But as I sit in my bedroom, sipping my coffee, reading my Bible devotion, and studying my pink tree lights, I feel somehow, renewed.

I know it has been a bit since I blogged. I hit a couple of weeks where I just could not find words.

Writers always have words.

I get paid to create content at work, and I do.

Yet after work, many times, I find myself pulling into my self .. spiritually, emotionally.

How is it possible to be both an introvert and an extrovert at once?

After a couple of weeks where my creativity spark seemed to have grown cold, I have been renewed.

This is a new season. How many seasons can one human spirit have?

I look back on my life and realize there have been many, many seasons.

So what does it mean to be renewed?

Refocus. Rejuvenate. Recharge.

The “re” of those words puts forth a secondary motion.

Or “do it again.”

We are going along, lose our joy, lose our balance, lose our way or just lose our sensitivity.

Numb, they say.

“Re” implies getting back on track and doing the things we did before.

Focus, Energy, Creativity, Contemplation, Consistency, Application.

What does this mean for you, personally? How will you recharge?

Last confession of the morning ..

A few days ago, at work, I suddenly felt depressed.

A variety of things were on my mind.

So I clocked out, went to lunch (by myself, I did not feel like having company), drove to a local dig called The Purple Onion, placed an order for a soup and sandwich combo, and realized the place was busier than usual, and noisy.

I did not want to be with people, per say.

Plugging in my headphones, I turned on Spotify on my cell phone, played Celtic music. And pulling out my Purpose book, (bullet journal), started writing tentative Christmas gifts for those on my list.

The warmth of the soup and comfort of the sandwich, the rekindling of my inner fire glowed within me again.

I returned to work refreshed.

Music, food, planning time.

And my mind was clear to work again.

Anyway .. the sun is up, and I need to get ready for work. Morning contemplation complete, I am ready for the last day of my work week.

May blessings chase you everywhere today 🙂

purple and red balloons
Photo by spemone on Pexels.com

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