The noise of noise

The cats are enjoying their morning snack as I try to pry my eyes open.

The success of coffee will either be proven or not as I down a few cups.

Did not sleep well last night .. outside noises included trains and cars with the blam blam stereos that vibrated the walls.


I heard the same when I went to the grocery store yesterday, and I had to wonder .. what on earth are these folks trying to prove?

I may be part of the last generation on earth who remembers what life was like before computers, cell phones and boom boxes.

Hey, I love music. I love it loud, too. Just do not feel it is necessary to steal someone else’s quiet space.

“A hundred acres in the middle of Kansas sounds good right now,” I told a grocery worker covering her ears as she walked quickly through the parking lot.

There should be some kind of technology that is like a boom bubble. Something invisible, lol, that could allow you to hear things like birds and barking dogs, but block the boom, boom, boom, boom.


And so at the risk of sounding old and unhappy this morning, I share a quick hello.

Hello all 🙂

Today is a day of blessing. Making a list of said blessings as we speak.

Life. My children and friends. Church. Chicken and rice for lunch today. Many material blessings. The ability to walk, see, think and yes, hear.

So today I will focus on the gift of hearing.

Let not my heart be consumed over my lack of sleep or things I would like to see different in this world.

I am thankful.

Short blog. Everyone have fun today in the sandbox, and please play nice.

It is Monday.

nature field summer quantity
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