And then

That moment when your day begins with a disaster text, and you fly out the door to write about it for the newspaper.

A tornado hit Polk County, and thankfully, no lives were lost, no injuries reported.

But rebuilding will commence. Things will need to be repaired. Some things will never be replaced.

And yet, life.

As I watched a daughter salvage her mother’s keepsakes and father’s items from their bedroom .. or what used to be their bedroom, I admit, it made me sad for this family, and others, who lost their home and their belongings.

After years of covering news, you hear things like, awww you need to have a tough skin.

People have said cops and journalists are jaded.

I will not apologize for the fact that I care. Were I someone who could write a check for them, I sure would have.

Precious memories. Walls that used to protect from the elements were now gone. Their haven from the world, no more.


There is life after loss. I have personally experienced loss of various things.

One day, the sun shines through the clouds. A ray of hope appears.

Somehow, we all press forward. The storm, someday, will be a remember when moment.

I greatly admired the girls as they cared for their parents. One that was carrying keepsakes, the other protecting her mother from the media.

They reminded me of my girls, who would have done the same thing.

Yes, the story did hit a personal note with me, and that is ok.

I refuse to subscribe to the tribe of the unfeeling.

If being numb helps you, that is your thing, and that is ok.

Me, I quietly go away and yes, cry by myself.

And people have supposed that those who shed tears are weak.

Not so, in my opinion.

After a good cry, I find fresh resolve to handle the matter .. the next step .. whatever it is.

You know, I have heard so many people say terrible things about journalists. Truth is, most community writers take it to heart. They carry your pain. Donate to your cause. Lend a hand if they can.

Blessings all.

Tomorrow is a new day.

crop field under rainbow and cloudy skies at dayime
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2 thoughts on “And then

  1. My heart goes out to the people and families who were affected by the tornado in Polk County. It happened just 20 miles north of me, and I heard nothing at the time. This has been on CNN and other national news outlets all day. I am glad there were no injuries, but very sad for their losses.

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  2. This tornado could have easily hit my neighborhood — not too many miles away. I look at the huge toppled trees, and think of the big tree in my front yard. It is sad, and happened so relatively unexpectedly. I am sure seeing the devastation in person was heart-wrenching.


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