Never underestimate your value

This is a quick note today as I overslept and now must run to catch up with the sun, if you will.

Visited yesterday with a well known, epic writer who has become a dear friend to me, and she told me how my article on her early work in comics as a woman blessed her life.

A quiet and private person, nobody knew she lived in Winter Haven, except her closest friends.

Since the article published in the local newspaper, she has received awards and recognition from all over the world.

She thanked me for making that possible.

In the course of my day as a journalist, I never realized that what I do is a blessing.

The same however, could be said for many occupations, from the factory worker to the city clerk, to the hospital janitor and the school substitute teacher.

Just a thought for the day.

In a hurry!

What about you? Have you ever contemplated how you bless others?

Have a splendid day, all!

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