The power of belief

It was somewhere around 10:30 last night,

heart shaped lights
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as my head finally hit the pillow, my eyes popped open quickly, again.

I forgot to blog yesterday.

Being that I was now breaking one rule I recently set for myself (thou shalt blog every day in some form,) I decided to keep another rule I set for myself, (get thee to sleep at a decent hour) in hopes that maybe that would somehow balance my oversight.

Sleep is everything.

A friend of mine at church always infuses me with the belief that I can do great things.

Well there are many things I can do. Answer a phone. Hold a conversation. Keep track of said conversation. Take notes. Write up a storm. Meet deadlines.

In my personal life, I am pretty domestic. I can cook, clean, sew, create, paint, sometimes play the guitar, organize, plan.

Back to my friend.

A thoughtful person and former journalist, she believes that I will one day be a syndicated columnist. I said well what on earth would I write about that would attract that much of an audience.

Every blogger, writer, columnist has key things of focus.

Attention to detail is our thing. So there is that.

Over the course of my career in writing, as well as other jobs I have had .. cashier, receptionist, secretary, registrar .. I have had the opportunity to meet various people whom I would consider successful.

People often say, well what would I do if money were no option, then set their sails for the impossible.

Were it not for the “belief” they had that somehow they would succeed, or just come close .. to reaching their goal .. they would have remained where they were .. before their goals and dreams blossomed.


As basic as seeing the stars in an indigo sky, yet as complicated as the inability to capture such light with the palm of your hand, belief can sometimes flee us as quickly as it is seen.

Then others believe in you. And that helps.

One thing I always taught my kids is that they could do anything on earth they wanted to do.

Let not social standing, finances, physical challenges, etc. get in your way.

Belief is as essential to success as it is in the prayers that we send up to God.

Belief is knowing that somehow, you will find a way.

By aiming for the moon, perhaps you will along the way, scoop a handful of stars.

What do you want to do with your life?

That is the question.

Have a blessed Wednesday. Sipping my coffee before this very busy day.


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