Self Care

And there it was.

Science has created a lunchbox that self freezes, when put in the freezer, with no need for tiny boxes of ice.

How very precious.

It called my name and hopped into my grocery cart, just like that.


Eating has been a challenge for me the last several years as I went from having reactive hypoglycemia to the infamous Type 2 Diabetes.

No longer do I sit with a pile of chocolates on my desk, or peruse brownies and pumpkin bread at the bakery.


So on Tuesday, pack my lunch I must.

At some point your inner child grows up and screams at you to eat “right.”

He caught me.

A dear friend who works in downtown Winter Haven saw me sitting in my car at the curb, eating my fries and chicken nuggets. From McDonald’s.

“Kathy Leigh, you are better than that,” he said, with a worried look on his face.

Recommending several healthy eating digs nearby, he suggested we do lunch some time.


I wiped my greasy hands on a napkin, and licked the salt from the fries off my fingertips.


I am not one of those people who wants to spend ten dollars a day on lunch out.

Never really had it to do that, anyway.

However, I have lately been budgeting a treat or two a week .. for the socialization of the lunch hour.

The rest of the time, I should be toting.

Lunch, that is.

Many days I fly out the door with only a cup of coffee, a tumbler of water, and a package of peanut butter crackers.

Not enough, inner child said.

So am adding fruit, a sandwich, cottage cheese, nuts, veges, peanut better etc. to my lunch list. Maybe boiled eggs.

Yesterday all I ate was crackers.

Until supper.

As the teens say, “my bad.”

Unfortunately, the greatest apology you can give your body is to take care of it.

Oh yes. Also bought a soup mug. To add to my lunch bag for soup and salad days.

There you have it.

My adventure today.

agriculture cherry tomatoes cooking delicious
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