A Brighter Day

The sun still shines above the clouds.

It is a fact.

Move the clouds, and if it is daytime, there you see it.

Dark days become the norm in the mountains of West Virginia at certain times of the year.

Drive through Virginia, and it appears to be sunny.

Cross the state line, mountains get higher.

Your head is in the clouds, so they say.

A Florida girl living in West Virginia, I was like gee, is the sun ever going to shine?

So I lit a candle.

Its light warmed me.

Captivated by its glow, it made for a better day.

Candles were a memory from my childhood.

Grandma Ferguson had red candlesticks she lit during the winter. If the power went out, she lit the hurricane lamp.


I don’t like dark rooms.

Neither do I like flourescent light above my head.

Tiny bits of light. A salt lamp. A desk lamp. A lighted tree. Ambient glow from a well kept aquarium. Light.

The surgeon.

Years ago, when wheeled into surgery, all I could see was the surgeon and the super bright light over me. Before they knocked me out, that is.

You want guys like that to have a really good light, lol.

Light versus darkness. Bright days versus dark days.

We cannot control the darkness at times.

Just our response to it.

Getting ready for work now. Someone is rolling a trash can the length of a country lane, a muffled rattle in the distance, as others make their way to work, or school, or wherever they are headed today.

heart shaped candle
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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