Perfume, Prayer, Potential

A faint smell of gardenias was with me all day after I got a hug from a former member of Destiny’s Child, LeToya Luckett. Surrounded by crowds mesmerized with her grace, she spread wisdom and cheer wherever she went.

To her, these gifts of hers created a platform for her to bless others.

A few days later, during a meet and greet with a lady who may be our church’s next youth minister, I got a hug from one of our church leaders, John.

A faint smell of musk, with notes of pine and perhaps, lime, surrounded me, staying with me as I left church after the event.

And I thought of influence. The way John prays is as if Moses himself were raising a staff to – at God’s direction – part the sea.

When John prays for you, you walk away knowing you have truly been covered in prayer.

Perfume. And prayer.

It is true that our inner spirit is transferred to those around us, whatever that spirit may be.

Is it pleasant? Confident? Kind?

Books A Million.

For some reason, every time I shop at Books A Million, some sort of spiritual impartation occurs, whether someone blesses me, I witness someone bless another, or I bless someone I have just met.

“Your eyes just have the most beautiful gaze,” said the man before me, the cashier.

“Most people come through this line and never look us in the eye,” he said. “They look down at their phones. They look at the floor. Thank you for making me feel as if I matter .. simply by looking me in the eye.”

We spoke of “the past,” and how when we were growing up, that was standard.

I never thought I could bless someone just by looking them in the eye.

Perfume. Prayer. Potential.

Just as the perfume from the R & B superstar, and her grace toward me stayed with me, encouraging me that “all things are possible,” though we did not speak of me and my goals and dreams, and just as John and his fragrant offering of prayer blessed me, so it is that we all bless others by the beauty and fragrance of our souls.

Perhaps this is how also we show God we love Him.

Here is to a blessed Monday for you. I am off today, and thus .. I will clean the house. Maybe also this will be an act of worship.

shallow focus photo of pink ceramic roses
Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush on


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