Knowing when to rest

The dizziness and nausea was just too much. Left work early to head for my doctor appointment, which I had moved back a day.

Doc determined there was a strong possibility that I was reacting to some antibiotics and illness from a week prior, and maybe also to the contrast in the CT scan (as that always makes me ill as well.)

There are two meds I take regularly, and neither works well with the CT dye.

Rest and hydration, he said.

So I did what I loathe to do: I took an actual sick day.

My company allows for sick and personal time, in addition to vacation time. Personal time is scheduled. Sick time is where you realize it is better to be just ten steps, instead of a whole building, away from a bathroom.


My editor, knowing that I am a consistent, show up for work kind of person, told me if I was not feeling well, then take a sick day, it is ok.

So I did just that.

Went back to bed. Slept in a little. And all day did nothing of consequence except focus on eating, drinking lots of water, and resting.


The word has often conjured up images of laziness, to me. Others can rest, and I am ok with that.

But for me, well.

Have to admit the day to rest did wonders for me. Called my Mama, and she is like, yes, when she takes antibiotics or has scans with dye done, same thing happens to her.

Feeling better today, just tired. I am accustomed to working “tired,” though. I think most of us do 🙂

“Well, now that you are edging past 50,” a friend said.

Lol. “Hush yo mouth,” I said.

I do not subscribe to that train of thought.

Meanwhile, all night long, frogs and crickets have been striking a loud chorus outside my bedroom window. In celebration of all the rain? Or in anticipation of more? In the south, we are well acquainted with tropical systems that visit our state.

And yet a bug-eye frog knows when to rest.

So there you go.

The real deal here is this: why do I have a hard time relaxing? Rest and recuperate have never been friendly words of mine.

Both sides of my family are what I would consider productive people. They are scientists, business folks, artists, teachers, people who worked in the communication industry (3 generations, actually.) And more. Until the last 40 years, there were farmers. County clerks. Midwives. Seamstresses. Even a cosmetologist.

“I’m up on mah pegs,” Grandma Ferguson used to say.

But rest is not a bad thing. Rested people are productive people.

“Sharpen the saw,” say

closeup photography of purple petaled flowers
Photo by on

the Franklin Covey folks.

Have a good day, all. It is Friday, and I have much to do.

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