Thunderstorms, tennis shoes, and a blue patch of sky

The day ended like any other work day, as I hopped into my car to head home.


Well anyone who lives in Florida knows we deal with those pop up rain showers on any given afternoon during the summer.

Toodling through town (is that a word, not sure), I finally made my way to the parkway and then.

The clouds became darker. Wind picked up a bit.

My foot accelerated about the time I saw three forked sky to ground lightning strikes, and I felt it, whether because of fear or the actual change in the atomo

lightning and gray clouds
Photo by Andre Furtado on

sphere, my throat went dry.

“Dear Jesus,” I said. Praying all sorts of protection as the lightning got worse, the rain hit and that is when I knew.

I was driving into a storm.

The road is treacherous enough without the interference of said storm.

I tried as I could, without speeding, to move along quickly so I could get out of the mess.

But there we were.

About 25 cars stopped at a traffic light on a busy road at rush hour.

Something that sounded like metal shavings was hitting the top of my car, hail? If it was, I could not see it.

All I could think of was the scene in the movie where one actress, on the phone with someone in the middle of a tornado, says “Julie, we got cowwwsss” as they fly by helplessly in the wind.

Freaked out? Yes I was. I love a good storm. Just not when I am in my car.

I looked around, as others looked around, to see if something was going to fly through the air pretty as you please.


Thank God, the light turned green.

And all I could think of then is hey my law enforcement and firefighter friends go out in these kinds of messes all the time.

Chicken I was, I admit that. About a quarter mile down the road, the rain hits so hard that everyone slowed to a southern crawl on the road, as visibility was terrible.

One car on the opposite side of the road had stopped (bad idea, keep moving, albeit slow).

A few minutes later, I see it.

A patch of clear blue sky ahead of me.

And in my rear view mirror, darkness and streaked lightning.

Made it to the light just over the railroad tracks to hit the stretch where I turn for home, and yes.

The light turned red.

Behind me were the motorists making haste to outrun the storm, running like a band of people across a parted sea to get to the other side.

Several minutes passed.

Finally made it home. Was thinking I should have worn tennis shoes for the sprint from my car to the house.

Looked over my shoulder to see the sky of darkness billowing towards the farm.

And exhale I did.

Thankful I was, to let the storm roar. The lights inside flickered.

Where did the blue sky go?

But then, it is still there.

The sun is still shining above the storm.

Off now to get ready again for work. I pray you navigate safely through the storms of your life.

Point A to Point B can be difficult. Hold on to the wheel. Keep moving. Watch out for anything that flies your way. And when it is over, give thanks.


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