The sage speaks on a rainy day

The pattering of the rain was both comforting and depressing all at once. A series of grey days, grey thoughts, cloudy moments, dismal ponderings had somehow engulfed my spirit and I was sad.

Well that is not a great way to start off an inspirational blog, is it? is all about light and joy, hope and creativity.

I was at work and though it was thus far a productive day, the grey meh had settled in.

So I did what I do when I want to kindle my creativity.

I stood up.

Walking to the other side of the cubicle, I visited a coworker who “gets it.” She is kind of like the character “Wilson” on actor Tim Allen’s comedy show where he is a handyman, “Tool Time.” Wilson’s face is rarely seen, but he is a sage of great advice for his neighbor.

“Death,” I told my coworker. “I am surrounded by death. We write about people who are dying. I have friends who are fighting cancer. Everywhere I look, that is all I hear. And I am sad.”

To add to that, I told her, I felt like I was accomplishing nothing.

This clearly is a carryover from childhood, and I call it like I see it. Real people address real issues. They don’t run from them.

She smiled. I smiled. My sadness evaporated because I knew she understood and did not judge me for that.

So she shared with me something she heard from someone else.

“Write down three ways you bring value to this day,” she said.


Although I am a list maker, and a checker-offer of said lists (I know that is not a word), I never thought about the concept of the word “value” as it applies to me. Self esteem, yes. Empowerment, yes. Goals, yes.

The word “value” gets you thinking, hey I am a part of this puzzle of life, this team of forward thinkers, this gathering of creatives.


It could be listing something as small as I held a door open for someone. Or I wrote an announcement for the paper so others could attend an event. Or I loaned a book to someone.

When I think of value, I see my contribution, as well as the bigger picture.

Outside, the rain was still coming down in long, steady sheets. The skies were pearly grey, and though the day was dark, something inside me changed.

What if I had not stood up, sought encouragement, stretched forth to take hold of a golden cup of wisdom?

Something so simple is both glittery and adventurous all at once.

Now, I have one more thing to pass on to others because I learned something new.

splash of water
Photo by Noelle Otto on

Project: Take out your journal or your favorite notebook. Maybe you are stuck today. Grey. Meh. Whatever. Write down three ways you bring value. For sure, it will lift your spirit.


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