Positive thoughts

Looking at her profile, I thought, wow, this lady has it all together. World traveler. Expensive clothes. Fine cuisine. Exquisite photos. Professional.

And you know the reporter in me. I recognize that most people who live so grand have some kind of back story. I wondered if she always had life so good. Or is there more to her story? Someday, I hope to know.

It is great to put one’s best foot out there. And honestly, in today’s digital world, sometimes it seems there is no room for the proverbial “real.”

I look at my circle of friends. Overcomers. People who have been through a lot in their lives, having waded (or are still wading) through the tidal wave to peaceful shores.

Some of us are better at masking reality. Others, not so much.

And yet.

Doesn’t every person have the power and ability to have the life they want?

Well, I imagine the answer is both “yes,” and “no.”

Was thinking yesterday about the early days of my marriage to the father of my children. Living in off base housing, most of the young military couples struggled financially. The week before payday found us all bartering, a cup of sugar here. A half cup of coffee there. The leftover ham bone you were going to throw

laugh neon light signage turned on
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

away, I can use to make soup.

My life is so far from that now. Like most people who help their families from time to time, I don’t have a lot of money to just throw at the winds. Part of that is I budget everything.


Through the years, from the life of being a stay at home mom and homeschooler, to life as a college student and career woman, to publishing a book and having thousands of articles published, positive thoughts have helped me focus on what can be done with my life.

Positive. I can and will, with God’s help. Dream. Inspire. Be inspired. Live in awe of the sunset. Breathe. Laugh. Dance. Sing.


Yesterday, I found myself in the heat of the day, just sitting in my garden. My wind chimes swayed softly from time to time with a little breeze here and there.

I studied the brick garden path and admired the plumeria blooms, and the black iron gate.

Happiness overtook my being. The sound of the chimes soothed my tired spirit.

Does money buy happiness? Some say it can. Having seen the lifestyle millionaires lead, and experienced the warmth of poverty fun (good old fashioned card games, digging in plants, reading a book, sewing a pillowcase,etc. while visiting with people who love to laugh, priceless!) I have to say happiness and positivity is up to us.

Money. No money. Travel. No travel. Fine food. Beanie weenies. Nice clothes. Thrift shop attire.

A smile is universal. A positive thought or prayer transcends everything.

Happy Monday, all. 🙂

P.S. Remember anything is possible.

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