A simple word it is, a mantra seen on inspiration boards everywhere. Reach.

The idea of reach is whether or not the intended aim “gets there.” What is the end goal, after all?

Someone would say, well my goal is to be happy.

(Chuckles from the gallery.)

Someone else would say, good luck with that.


Reach is also the process of reaching. Redundant, if you think about it. I reach so I can reach.


A different phrase is needed.

I am deliberately applying myself to reach my goals.


There. That is reach.

Well, all of the best intentions fall flat.

Like when I proposed a betta fish would be my buddy, then one day, Ralph kicked up.


I have a friend I called Betta Betsy because of her ability to keep said fishies alive.

She had this whole routine, because let’s face it, if you have a pet, you maintain.



Last night, I said, tomorrow morning I will go to the gym.


Well morning came, and I wanted to pray, blog, and goal set.

The gym will have to wait.


It has been said that half the time, you never reach your goal because you give up too easy.

So there is that.

But I propose that in addition to setting priorities is that process of looking at all the stuff you must, could, should, might, may or may not, accomplish.


The word is found beside other mantras like “dream big,” “reach for the stars,” “aim high,” and so forth.


We have today. And this moment.

What will I do today to reach my goals? To make my dreams come true?

There is a page in my book that some call a bullet journal, freestyle day planner, to do list or whatever.

I wrote several goals down for the month of May.

And yes, I still need to get my car cleaned.


But you get the idea. Making lists helps me accomplish more than if I did not make lists.

Now. Will get moving. Much to do today.

The rooster next door was up early, amd I must say it is preferable to hear him than the morning traffic.

A train horn can be heard in the distance, and I imagine that 2 out of every 3 people driving by today have a cup of coffee in their console and their best intentions for the day in their head as they drive wherever.

Happy Friday, all.

reach for the and blue moon neon signages
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One thought on “Reach

  1. Well said. There is a difference between reaching and accomplishing our goals. They are very different, in my opinion. Reaching and reaching out certainly makes life interesting.


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