Meditation: Organic time for you

Our neighbor’s rooster is crowing this morning as I think to myself, he has way more energy than I do today.

All great things begin with the best of intentions.

For the last few years, I have made a significant effort to have a morning quiet time.

Time before the day begins, to read, contemplate, write, journal, pray, meditate.


Apologies, mine. Today is one of those days where I so wish I felt awake.

Two cups of coffee later, I am like, wow.

I still am so sleepy.


Flipping on the light of my little pink tree on a shelf in the corner of my room, I gather my quiet basket of meditation materials and sit.

Sip coffee. Pray, and yet, I find my prayer has less energy than yesterday.

Dear God. Yep. Some days that is all I can get out.

I thought about the ebb and flow of these early morning times, and how they seem to change with the tide of my life, how much is coming in, how much is going out, and the speed with which the foamy seas change the landscape of my life.

Meow. Meow. Meow.

My cat, Molly is strolling down the hall. Her meow interrupts the flow of my meditation ..

Some mornings, I pray out loud. Others, I am silent. There are days when I research whatever is on my mind at the moment, and days when I pour my soul into my journals. Some days, I just sit in the glow of the pink tree and ponder. Past, present, future.

There is no set formula for this time. And yet in its untethered flight, the mystery of contemplation is fulfilling.

Some folks are very regimented with their morning routine. I am as well. Except for this time.

And that is ok.

Was praying over some things this morning, then wrote much in my journal, and somehow all of it makes sense.

I have always felt like the more time and energy we give to other people and endeavors, the more time we need to refill the watering can we use to pour into the garden of the world around us.

Have a delightful day, all.

Just some thoughts for today.

ocean wave
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