Why do I blog?

Happy Friday, all.

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Thoughts this morning as I read the paper and sip my coffee ..

The smell of coffee and newspaper ink carries me back .. to sitting at a coffee shop with my Dad while he read the paper when I was a little girl.

Coffee and news, they go together.

Likewise, when I went to live with my Grandma and Granddad Ferguson in Florida … every morning, without fail, coffee and news.

Granddad only had an eighth grade education. Yet he was smarter than many I have seen with multiple collegiate titles.

He loved to read. So did Grandma.

Every day, she would read the headlines out loud. And Granddad would comment.

And if my Dad were there, he and Granddad would get into this long debate about history and politics.

Both had superb memories. Both were fantastic debaters.

Dad’s famous words were “ever regardless,” and “anyhow.” Especially if he was about to segway into another point.

Granddad’s famous line, leaning forward, was “bullshit.” With eyebrows raised.

But only one time in a four hour debate. Both were too smart to continuously cuss ..

We read The Miami Herald and The News Tribune.

My favorite pages were the Lifestyle section and the editorial pages.

At age 13, I was writing letters to the editor.


I come from a family of communicators. Words matter, and so does their absence.

Grandmothers on both sides of the family worked in communications, and my Dad worked intel during the Vietnam War.


Always an escape for me. A way to learn and be amazed and shocked all at once.

If you can learn, you can better yourself.

Anyhow, as Dad would say.

Once in a while I ask myself why I blog.

Who really cares, anyway?

I hear snippets of conversation people have about things they have read, and I am like wow, wonder what they think of my writing.

Over the years, I have received many warm thoughts as to my writing. Then there are those who are like, “what?”

Why do I blog, when I already read and write in my career?

One of our family’s fatal flaws is that we are all personable. Real. It is what it is. We share. There is nothing off the table of discussion. And we all share our past experiences and observations in an effort to get closer to others.

My personal thought on this is that the world we live in has glazed over, baked in a basting sauce of technology. I remember a time when you could walk down the street and people actually greeted one another.


Every writer has thoughts they want to express, perhaps some to their own peril, others to the advancement of their careers.

Yet most, I would say, simply write because they love to write. For me, I am not always able to express myself in the unscripted word. Conversations around me swirl, and oft, I wonder, how in the world do these people keep all these facts and figures, political history and history in general, dates and so forth .. in their heads?

I love to write because it gives me a chance to think. Reading and writing, empty pages to be filled, more books, magazines, articles to read .. this is my happy place.

And if perhaps, only one or two people read my blog, then I have made a connection or two with fellow humans, who, like me, are drinking their coffee and reading, getting ready for the new day.

2 thoughts on “Why do I blog?

  1. I think human beings need to express themselves. In your case, as with many others too, it is in the written form. I am so glad you have a blog, because I enjoy it and I relate to it. I, too, think newspapers and coffee is a great combination, good way to start the day. I, too, once read the Miami Herald as often as I could. Back in the day, so to speak, one of the finest newspapers in Florida. It was so well-written. I am sure it remains so today. Thank you for your blog Kathy Leigh, because I am among those people who enjoy it, and I suspect there are more out there.


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