The fear of not succeeding

Perhaps there is nothing deeper than the great abyss of the What If to occupy one’s sphere of dreams.

What if. What if I am not enough? What if people do not like me? What if I do not have what it takes? What if I am not strong enough, capable enough, knowledgeable enough, outstanding enough?

What if others are better at what I do, and I am seen as lacking? What if the dreams I have built come crashing down? What if the friends I thought I had betray me, or the family I thought I had suddenly evaporate into the thin air as if I no longer exist?

“You really need to get out of your own head,” it has been said.

“Ninety-eight percent of what you fear never happens.”

The What If stands at the door and begs a toll for passage into our inner being.

What If is not always a bad question.

There is another side to it, and that is how new things are discovered, how inventions are created, how highways are built, how advances are made in the world of history and science.

What if I can really do this? Better yet, what if I have a few people who believe in my dream? What if the naysayers are wrong, and it really can be done? What if I turn my failures into opportunities?

What if the sun really always shines above the clouds, what if the ratio of good to evil is better than you think, what if kindness is more frequent and nobody ever talks about it, what if I can be different than people said I would be.

Life prediction at age 16: In the words of someone whose name I will not mention, who died several years ago. “She will never amount to anything.”

The statement made me angry. It is why I work so hard and why I am always trying to be “better.”

I would love for that person to see I graduated from college, wrote a book, shared my deepest secret, continued to learn, encourage, live, laugh and love, in spite of the darkness in my childhood.

Here is the deal. I fight the great What If every day. I imagine there are others who do as well.


Do you have any idea how many immensely successful people I have interviewed over the years for news articles that asked me, “how did I do? Was my speech ok?” Etc.

The more people I meet, the more I realize the world is better than what we oft believe it to be.

ball shaped circle close up dark
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There is life. There is hope. You do not have to be a movie star to be successful, nor do you actually have to be the best.

Have a splendid day, all.

Tuesday is here.

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