One word

The word of the year for me is delight.

What does that word mean to me?

When I think of delight, I think of joy and happiness, twirled together with hope and belief that there are things to be happy about.

Short blog today, as I slept in a bit.

Slowly, am putting together what that word means for me, delight.

I think of the Peanuts character, Snoopy, and his happy dance when something went well. Actually, most of the time he was happy 🙂

Anyway. I think delight begins with a choice. Once our thoughts are trained to look on the Brighter Side of things, it helps us to really believe that there are things to be happy about, things that bring joy, and that life is not always as dark as we may think it is.

More on that another day.

Meanwhile. Know you are not alone on this journey.

We get by with the help of our friends.

Happy Thursday all 🙂

black and gray paint brush
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