The un-blog

Yesterday, I had the chance to read a blog published by, which spoke to survivors of sexual abuse, supporters of survivors, and those who wish to join the cause.

Have to say that prior to 2013, I had no idea the depth of resources that are out there .. right now .. for survivors who do not really want to join a small group, whether because of time or privacy needed in healing.

The blog was so beautifully done, and immediately, I thought of mine, and was like wow.

Mine is the un-blog.

What I mean is that writing is very familiar territory.

However, writing about something so close to my heart and my own healing journey .. is a work in progress.

But that is not a bad thing, is it?

“Stop comparing yourself.”

My inner child is stern with me. With long blonde hair secured in braids, she shakes her head and wrinkles her freckled nose.

“When will you just do you?” she asks.

“Well, you don’t have to be so miffed about it,” I said. “After all, we all get ideas about how to do things better.”

Truth is, I silence my Inner Child a lot.

She has a basket full of great ideas, probably the best of which is to stop comparing myself.

Coffee and fries.

Cardiologists will likely shake their heads, but it is a good combination for a day when something like that is needed.


Had a conversation with someone, and we found that we speak frequently on this matter of comparing one’s self to another.

Self, this is not allowed.

Self is always looking to do and be better and better, the bestest of the best, superb, outstanding.

“Yet I fail,” Self says.

Inner Child again furrows her eyebrows.

“Stop. Just stop.”

Self has a way of making life a living hell for the Inner Child.

Inner Child holds up a poster she has painted. Fields of flowers, dancing fireflies, sunshine, and hearts.

Hello Kitty.

A copy desk editor I knew years ago was fond of Hello Kitty. “Well, that’s real mature,” some said.

This girl was fully woman and loved child like things. Who cares?

She was one of the best copy editors I knew.

If anyone had taken the time to get to know her, they might have understood why she decided to surround herself with fun stuff.

Comparison is for apples and bananas you put in your lunch box. Will I have one or the other, or both?

Who do you think you are?

Normally a statement spewed in a disagreement, the actual premise is an interesting study.

Who .. do you .. think .. you .. are?

I write about this because I, of all people, struggle with comparing myself and wondering if I measure up.

My close friend circle is small because I have been told I am eccentric. (What image does that conjure up??? I love the word “creative,” thank you.)

Today, I will choose to un-blog this particular post, and instead, choose to appreciate my Self.

Inner Child agrees.

Who am I? What makes me happy?

A simple person. I love to laugh, enjoy the outdoors, adore God and yet wonder what on earth He sees in me. I love to create art .. whether paint, paste, scrapbook, sewing, crocheting, writing, music. I am a loyal friend. I do not like being a burden. I love conversation, but also enjoy some silence every day. I know no strangers, and yet am very comfortable in my own company.

I worry about people I love. Always fear the worst. Wish I could give them the world. Wish I could make things better.

Pet peeves, seeing people hurt one another with reckless words and actions. Wondering why there are so many people in this life that actually live alone, and never get a call from their families. And more.


The un-blog for today 🙂

I hear both our neighbor’s rooster crowing

board chalk chalkboard color
Photo by Pixabay on

and the morning traffic building up outside. Baby birds are chirping, and our cats are asleep, for the moment.

Happy Wednesday, all.

Be kind to yourself today.


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