Forward reaches the goal

I think sometimes we’d like to wake up, and suddenly, bam. The house is clean. The car is clean. The yard looks nice. The debt is paid. Sickness is gone. The weather is great. There is peace on earth.

Most of the time, we awake to the same day as before, if that makes sense.

One day, I would like to …

Why can’t things be …

My dreams will never come true.

And on, and on.

Our heads can trick us into thinking there is just no use in working toward our goals.


And the incoming tide.

I watched as my kids dug a hole on the beach, carefully bringing buckets of sand from the center to reappropriate it to create the wall of their castle.

About an hour later, the water came rushing in.

The castle looked different. My children’s eyebrows furrowed as their little legs ran back and forth to try to rebuild the wall.


I have one friend who has seen so much in 2 years time. Hurricanes. Husband’s cancer. Death of a mother-in-law, and she was first on scene to try to revive her, but eternity and God already had an appointment.

Numerous car wrecks (her husband and and teens.)

Termites. Illness. And other things that went wrong with the house.

She does not have many days off, as she is trying to catch up.

She wants to some day be able to travel again, like she did with her parents when she was growing up. And there are other dreams.

Another friend of mine is facing possible job loss. In their line of work, they almost always have to relocate in seeking a new job.

Yet another friend has been battling cancer for five years.

I surmise that she will defeat this illness. Watching her fight has taught me much about what is important.

Yesterday, I heard a story of a young man who was playing soccer and literally got hit in the eye so hard that his sight in that eye is gone forever. His soccer scholarship likewise is out the window now. Hard news for an 18-year-old. Yet I have to wonder if this setback will propel him to something even greater.

So what’s the point?

We hear the cliches of “never give up your dreams” and “anything is possible.”

little boy playing in the sand
Photo by Kaboompics .com on

I believe it is true. That dreams do come true.

Tiny steps forward put us closer to the goal. We will look back one day and see that all our hard work paid off. That life is better than we thought it would be. That we did things we never thought possible.

Just some encouragement today for the downtrodden.

We are always moving forward, don’t forget that.

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