Resurrection Sunday and new beginnings

“He is risen, just as He said.”

I cannot imagine how surprised and thrilled Jesus’ friends and disciples were when they realized that yes, He did indeed defeat the grave.

Even more interesting is that at least 500 people saw Him after He arose, according to ancient scriptures.

Spring, Easter, Holy Week, all launch a spirit of newness around the world as millions celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

Opening my farmhouse window facing the Shire this morning, I was immediately bathed in early morning light. I could not even see the Shire for the light.

And I thought of humanity, and all our works, of all our trials and struggles, of all our endeavors to make things beautiful.

All I could see was this light.

The sun is a powerful force. We do not see its beginning. We are hopeful that it never ends, for humanity would then have no hope.

We see it, and the reflection of its rays.

But to hold it with our hand, we cannot.

All day long, it shines upon us.

A favorite mantra of mine for when things are tough is “the sun is still shining above the clouds.” Just because we cannot see it due to the storms of life, it is there.

So this resurrection. I was not there. I did not see. And yet, I believe.

Every year, the Easter season presents with a chance to declare life and overcoming, of victory and promise.

May the joy of the resurrected Messiah be with you today, and always.

white flowers
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