Of eggs, bunnies, and spring

Those ears.

They are irresistable. White chocolate or milk chocolate, it makes no difference.

They are the first to go.

Easter baskets are such fun to make, and even more fun to consume. The last time I had an Easter basket, I was like 11 or so.

The bunnies.

A basket must have a bunny. I don’t imagine they make sugar free rabbits, so chocolate bunnies are out, for me.

It is 5:55 a.m. and I hear a lawn mower.

The sun is not up yet, weird.

Anyway. I actually have two stuffed rabbits at home. One is a large handmade rabbit I gave to my Grandma years ago for Christmas. And before she died, she sent it home with me. I keep it on my bed. Her fingerprints, no doubt, are still on it.

I miss her so!

The other rabbit is a gift from my bestie. Small, fluffy, with beans in its little feet. And loppy ears.

Rabbit ears are awesome.

At one point, that is how we watched television.


Now I feel ancient.

Easter baskets themselves always brought shimmers of hope to the end of a long, dark winter.

Coloring the eggs, my great Grandma and I used to make at least 20 baskets full of candy and goodies, in preparation for Easter. Then there was the Easter dress and shoes search. Prepare Easter dinner.

The phone rang.

My oldest son, Josh, was on the other end.

He and his fiance are having a dinner at their house. So that is where I am headed after church on Easter.


The new is here. Jasmine and orange blossoms fill the air with an intoxicating scent.

But today is the day between Good Friday and Easter.

I work today, and never know where the winds of journalism will carry me by the end of the day.

For sure, by Saturday, my system slows down. I have Sunday and Monday off. There is usually an adrenalin dump Sunday morning. What that means is it is challenging to get out of bed. Easter will be full, between ringing bells for the procession, the beautiful service, a dinner on the grounds, then driving an hour to my son’s house.

And at some point on Sunday, will in my spirit mingle with memories of the past, when my now grown up babies were young, and I told them, “Mama can’t afford an Easter basket,” and yet all four babies woke to a large basket each, full of colored

bright candies chocolate close up
Photo by Tim Gouw on Pexels.com

foil wrapped chocolate eggs.

It was my way of giving them hope for the future.

Just to see them smile.

Have a good day, all.

May this day before Easter be blessed for you.


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