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People who are always seeing to the needs of others often neglect themselves, and sometimes it takes other people to recognize that and point it out.

“You’re doing too much,” said one of my mentors, a very wise and kind friend from The Daughters of the King (a prayer order within the Episcopal church dedicated to taking care of the parish, having a daily prayer time, and supporting the mission of the church.)

I smiled and said I was fine 🙂

In a conversation with another friend, told her I made two meatloaves and wrote a blog before coming to work.

“I am tired already,” she said, laughing at me.

I thought everyone did stuff like that.

“People are saying you are a driven person,” someone else confided in me.


“What drives you?” they asked.

Well, I like to stay busy. And there is so much you can do, and are able to do.

I like the word, “do.”

To counterbalance the do, we are told by numerous self help books to learn the art of “be.”

Well, we are, or we could not “be.”

Creatives often use this word, “be,” to describe that flow of energy between the wheels of creativity.

In other words, let the creative come naturally.

I have another friend whom I call “Little Davinci,” for the kid is into everything. While most people gravitate toward either an existence of mathematical proportions, studying the realms of science, or choosing the opposite side of the wheel, flipping out creative art of all kinds, this kid does both.

He has been told by several, you cannot combine these parts of your life.

“Watch me,” he said.

And it is not in doing all things that his endeavors suffer .. oft it is the short sighted people who say it cannot be done.


I have asked a number of go-getters through the years when the last time was they nurtured themselves.

One time I did this, a judge stood up in the middle of a city meeting he was attending (not presiding, obviously) and left the meeting. I smiled. He smiled.

Funny that a judge had a eureka moment about self care, right there.

What does this mean for you?

Well, my note to myself includes this: Don’t forget to write You on your own schedule.

This past weekend, I went for a mani and pedi, and felt somewhat guilty as that is a frivilous thing.

But, is it?

When my pedicure started, I put my phone down, and sank into the massage chair. I did not realize how tired I was, and how much I really needed this excursion  …

“When you work, you have to do something for yourself,” said a close friend of mine, “mi Amiga,” years ago. That is how the nail salon ritual became a thing in my life.

My Note to Self this year includes such things also, as spend more time with friends, learn more music, visit the beach and the woods often.

I think we mistake the “be” sometimes for a place or moment of inactivity. Yet it is not that at all. It is the place of mending and restoration, inspiration and rejuvenation, contemplation and creation, the playground of the soul where a million fireflies glow.

Happy Thursday, all.

Let me know how your Note to Self goes. Remember is meant to be a shared journey. We learn from one another.

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