Spring cleaning begins, and has a lesson of its own

Perhaps I am not the only one who gets busy with their schedule, only to wake up one day and realize .. six months have gone by, or more, since you had lunch with a close friend.

Or since you truly cleaned your home.

Or your car.

Or had a pedicure.

Why is it we neglect things so, as one day slides into another.

Someday, we’ll make time.

This week, I decided that no matter how tired I was, or if my leg was hurting, or if I could assemble a battery of excuses, I would make a list and follow it.

I make lists for work all the time. And I used to do it for personal stuff too.

So I had lunch with a friend of mine. A five hour conversation with waffles and 7 cups of coffee, amazing how we both needed that.

The following day, I made my list and worked it. Not only did I set up a creative space in my farmhouse room, I found some things I had been searching for .. two bottles of medicine, a black and a white sweater for work, old news articles from my previous work at other newspapers, I tended to some personal chores, and am happy that I did.

The creative corner was most important, as that is the space for me to write and sew, play music and think.

I tossed a lot of things yesterday. Put together donate bags.

And got a pedi and mani afterwards because my hangnails were bugging me and my feet hurt.

Make time for life chores, or life will make a chore of you.

Happy Tuesday, all.

Molly is asleep on the floor. I had a hot flash while reading my morning scripture, so she let the fur fly, literally.

Onward. A new week is ahead.

daisy flowers
Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com

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