Sand and sea, the wonder of thee

The tide was coming in, but that was ok as my bestie and I plopped our beach chairs in the warm Florida sand. An advantage of living here is paradise is only an hour and a half away.

I took it all in, the salty air, the sunshine, the beautiful ocean. Waves, the ebb and flow of tide.

A multi-sensory experience, a chance to unwind. She, burdened with providing for her family and worrying over a husband with cancer. Me, exhausted from two years with no vacation. (This June will change that.)

We did not say much for a while. No words were needed. A pile of children chased the waves out to sea, then ran quickly back to shore, trying to outrun them.

I thought to myself, that is what our lives are like. We chase the waves of work, family, paying bills, church, errands. To do, to do, to do.

Then we run quickly and try to keep from being overwhelmed.

Down time is good. Trouble is, most of us are not real good at making it as much of a priority as working our day to day lives.

For us, this day meant giving up church for the day. At least, formal church. The beach and the mountains are where I go when I want to feel close to God.

“The ultimate cathedral,” I told her.

Sand, a trillion grands of sand, covered my toes, and I sat in awe. Just how many grains of sand and dirt does earth have?

How deep is the ocean? How wide is the horizon?

If I get on a boat and head straight East, where will I land?

It took about an hour for both of us to finally chill enough to enjoy the scenery. Her headache was gone. I felt like I could sleep right there.

A large family under a beach tent next to us packed beer, lots of beer.

They did not seem drunk, yet they were all very chill.

I thought, we don’t have alcohol, and we are already there.

They say the ocean’s energy is good for all that ails you. I thought of my knee contusion, and how the time at the beach was helping even that injury.

Mental note, I made. Must do this again soon.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

A chance to just be.

scenic view of ocean during sunset
Photo by Travis Rupert on

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