It starts with a desire to heal

How are you today? Fine, you say. Very well, thank you. Typical response. We are conditioned in this world to be society, business correct.

Yet underneath the mask, there is an entirely different world going on.

Yes, you say. Everyone has issues.

We know that.

Then, walk with me, please.

Here’s the deal.

The deeper your secrets, the more tragic your pain, the more trauma you have experienced .. the larger the challenge is to heal from it.

We think that we have overcome, when we stay with the cadence of life, put on the smile, do and say all we should do and say.

When I first started writing my story, The Brighter Side of A Darker Thing, I determined at that point I wanted to heal from the pain of my childhood.

So many people I have met have said, you know I had no idea you had been through all that.

“Wow, you cannot tell,” another person said.

So we find we live to tell what we could not tell.

The first step in healing is formulating the desire to heal in the first place. Who has ever been to a doctor, ate up with the flu, and said I am here but I have no desire to accept the help you can give.

Some never reach the point where they say “I want to heal,” and instead become martyrs of the past.

A lifetime victim.

I love the quote from the character of Olivia on a cops TV show, a member of the Special Victims Unit, she told a woman who had been raped, “you were strong enough to survive the abuse, you will be strong enough to survive the recovery.”

Your first step may look different than mine. For me, my instrument of declaration to begin my healing journey involved a pen and paper. For you, it may be art, music, building a boat, fishing, a silent mantra you dedicate to memory, or an inner resolve you share with no one, that this is it.

“I seek healing from my past.”

shallow focus photography of yellow star lanterns
Photo by 嘉淇 徐 on

So think about that today. Remember that this is a journey, not a five year plan to graduate. Every day we will face the truth, some days we will rejoice, others we will just keep stepping, wondering when the breakthrough will come.

Brighter Thought of the Day: Begin.


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