Free refills please

It has been said that the more you pour yourself into helping other people, leading, reaching the world and so forth, the more you need to focus on keeping your own energy up – you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Everyone loves a restaurant that gives free refills on drinks. Especially in sunny Florida.

How do you refill your cup?

One of my family members used to use the same tea bag for days.

“Eeeuww,” I said.

I tried it, and it just did not work for me. That second and third cup were not as strong.


Everyone has their preference.

Refill. The opposite of running on empty.

Unless you have a smart car, you will need to get gas at some point. And that is not a free refill.

When my kids were little, like most families, we struggled to make ends meet.

My mentor told me I needed to refill my cup, so to speak, so I could continue to give my children my best.

This mentor was an artist, a registered nurse married to a busy doctor, a Bible study leader, who also found time for spiritual renewing every day. She prayed.

She also had her hair done on a regular basis (I used to cut my own hair). She kept her home in order and set times to listen to music, read, and talk to friends.

This is where I discovered how many things in life are free. It all depends on what makes you happy, I guess.

Sure, it would have been nice to take my kids to theme parks and fancy summer vacays.

Joy became the pitcher that refilled my cup.

While hanging 100 cloth diapers on the line to dry one day, I looked at the sky. Billowy clouds looked like fluffy cotton against the deep baby blue horizon. The wind, warm and tropical, was a comfort. Salt water was in the air. The beach was near.

My children laughed as they played in the sand. Precious.

Coffee became my afternoon friend when my daughter gave up her naps.

One large cup was usually enough to carry me through to bedtime.

What is it that helps you feel renewed?

Let not the busy interfere with the sacred moments of renewal.

Have a blessed day, all.

My betta fish, Ralph, swims happily in his bowl this morning. It is chilly, and I wonder if he is cold as well.

After all, fish do not wear sweaters.

That is all.


gold steel kettle beside clear glass pitcher

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