The sanctity of silent

With only an hour before sundown, I entered the farmhouse to get ready for bed. Hurricane Irma passed through, and we would be without power a little while.

A generator kept the refrigerator and kitchen lights going. The rest of the house was dark.

Opening the window, I sat on my bed as the sun set. And it hit me, exactly how noisy our lives are .. even the sound of the air conditioner fills up space.

I heard crickets and katydids. A barking dog. Occasional cars.

But nothing else.

I found it fascinating, this silence, this moment where the stars sparkle from the indigo sky, and all is well on earth, without the help of automation.


Thankfully, we still had screens.

Florida mosquitoes would have carried me away.

Somewhere in the night, I thought I heard a cat meow outside.

But it was dark. Quiet.

Surprisingly, I slept pretty good that night.

The stir of the morning air awakened me the following day. Daybreak

dark nature night tree
Photo by SplitShire on


Still quiet.

And I wondered, what are we missing with our busy, hurry-up lives? Can we even hear our soul speak?

This morning, a rooster crows. The neighbor’s dog barks. I am up early and enjoying the peace.

A sacred moment.

Have a splendid Sunday, all.


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