A mindful moment

The busy sometimes meet themselves coming and going, it has been said. One more goal added to an already full list. One more idea. One more phone call or one more visit. How much are you doing, and what are you really accomplishing?

I wonder, sometimes, if we do not make too many goals. So many, in fact, that none will be reached.

Why are we afraid of simplifying?

Those with multiple giftings find themselves thus challenged. A night like Davinci. A morning like Thoreau. Somewhere, between, perhaps, is balance.

It has been about a month since I blogged. Friends wonder when my words go silent. The unspoken is worrisome.

Yet those silent times are gathering times, when a writer, like a sponge, absorbs life.


We mind our schedules. Improve our mind. Make our lists. Press ahead with gusto.

Then we are tired and wonder why.

Times of refreshing come when we sit in the place of ponder. Moments occupied by gazing at the flicker of a candle and the dance it makes against the darkness.

Somewhere, there, between the glow and shadow, resolution comes. Renewal of our spirit makes everything else, it seems, fall into place.

burning-candlelight-candles-564901May your mindful moments make sense. Grab a journal and a pen. A paintbrush or an instrument. Revel in your purpose and where you really are meant to be.

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