Her laugh makes my day. “This video chat is better than text messaging!” Mama says.

She is in Indiana. I am here. And it will be next summer before I can see her.

Amazing technology has made it easier for us to connect.

Meanwhile. Went to pay a bill at lunchtime yesterday. Was mid sentence on the phone when the connection dropped. Bam.


Yes, really. So I dial again, and a very nice medical rep says “oh I see you were talking to Lee,” and asks if I would like to transfer or if she can help me. No transfer, I said. Gave her my card number, paid my bill.

Both of these instances in one day.

Connection is very important to me. It is as simple as someone remembering I drink black coffee or that I have 4 grown kids. Or a cat named Molly.

I am so blessed with some close friends who actually move past the word hello.

And those closest to me know that surface conversation seems so phony to me.

Yet sometimes that will do, lol.

“Hey the weather is terrible,” is a great entrance. I do believe the next time I hear that I am going to say, “Well the sky was purple when I woke up, and now dazzling unicorns are falling from the heavens.”


A former publisher of mine (journalism days, yet he is a lifelong friend), noted he would like to sit in a doctor’s office, and when his name is called, act surprised, and say “You can see meeee??”

I laugh every time I think of that statement.

Truth is, we want connection. We want to be included at times. And yet, in some situations (usually the workplace, organization or other body of people where you regularly assemble), it can, for a time, flee us.


In times when we feel unconnected to our present surroundings, it is a good move to make sure we are connected in other places.

Phones, texts and video chat make that possible.

I love that in the middle of my work week, our church has a fellowship dinner, choir and bell choir (or mass for anyone who would rather have a Bible lesson and prayer time.)

People are like hey girl how are you? Hugs are abundant. We talk about our lives and the latest.

Connection is a beautiful thing.

Here’s to a splendid day, all 🙂

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