Some roads you will walk alone

Rocky mountain paths have always fascinated me, especially if they end up beside a stream.

In the mountains of West Virginia, streams abound. There is no shortage of forest paths and places to just feel like it is you and whatever walks those dense woods.

I am blessed in all ways, but find it is true, this saying: There are roads you will walk alone. Challenges that only you can face. Choices only you can make.

The road, the path, the place you trod may be dusty and unfamiliar, or rocky and treacherous.

It may be full of water, or a rushing river overtakes it from time to time.

Nonetheless. There you are. Walking. Alone.

Many times in my life, people have chastised me for my belief in God. Truth is, I have and still do make mistakes.

rocks trees hiking trail
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But this I do know .. even on my darkest days. When I think I am alone, I really am not.

Somehow in God’s infinite wisdom, He lets me know He is there.

And that is such a blessing.

I can make a lot of choices. Am I going to gripe about this path? Am I going to spew over every little thing? Am I going to walk carelessly, add my own setbacks? How has that been working lately? I have also a choice at hand. Listen to the music of the waterfall. Sit in wonder at a butterfly’s flight. Breathe in the fresh air and just be thankful. Look for the beauty in life. Make my own tranquility.

Because truth is this: Your life, my life, is what we make it.

There are roads we travel alone.

And yet, the hand of God is there.

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