This too shall pass

My daughter’s heart monitor squealed as her heart raced out of control. Afib is no fun. She looked a little out of place in the cardiac unit, full of people up in their years.

An hour later, she was in surgery. Two different times, she had ablation on her heart (basically where the surgeon cauderizes part of the heart so it quits its frenzied rate).

My mind went everywhere as I watched her being wheeled away, surrounded by a team of highly skilled medical professionals in West Palm Beach.

This too shall pass.

I stitched more on her quilt that I had been making since she was a child. Anything to pass the time.

Thankfully, she is here today. One of my four beautiful blessings.

The phrase “this too shall pass” was used frequently in our home. One child with epilepsy, one who was born preterm (almost in a 101st Airborne Division Screaming Eagle helicopter), one with afib, and one child who had learning issues because of a seizure he had when he was young (after waiting 8 hours in a hospital ER, with nurses who said high fevers for babies were normal. Nothing would bring the fevers down.) As it turns out, even though he had issues as a child, as an adult, you would never know. He is brilliant. A scientist mind which is always learning something new. A great kid. My preterm baby was fine as well .. he plays in the worship band at a nearby mega church. And my epilepsy baby conquers her challenge every day, choosing to rise above it and love the world.

Stuff happens. Life is not always fun.

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I think of all the things I faced in college. My grandmother’s death, daughter’s heart operations, other daughter’s seizure diagnosis, a rear end collision, gallbladder surgery, diagnosis with hashimoto’s, finally finishing my book (published 2013 while working full time and going to school), a broken ankle, and a divorce.


This too shall pass.

Truth is, there are better days that will come. Some things you can fix, and others, you learn to deal. (We talked about that yesterday.)

In the midst of trials, remember it all passes eventually. Every day is brand new. There is always something good to think about.

May your day be blessed.

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