Dancing in beautiful light

The mid-day eclipse drew the entire downtown out of their offices and into the city streets, as many had purchased special glasses to watch the celestial event.

The most unusual thing that happened was that the iron park benches, usually blazing hot on a sunny day, were cool to the touch.

The Central Park fountain gushed as it usually does, a comfort to the senses for anyone who needs a respite from their busy day.

I watched as children played, and adults used various devices, to see the eclipse.

Suddenly, a deep grey shadow fell upon the park, and it looked as if the sun had literally, quickly set. Though not as dark as some on the planet would experience, it was enough of a hush to capture attention. Then.

The light. The lunar, solar, beautiful and most unusual light caused the fountain to glitter like diamonds.

The children danced. I stood up and drew near to the fountain.

And had a moment with the Creator.

There are all kinds of scripture that talk about how God is bathed “in inexplicable light,” how “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not understood it.”

So then, light becomes life.

And darkness flees.

As I stood in the town square, gazing in wonder at how different everything looked, for just a little while, I thought of my own life with its every day pace.

And how inspiring it was to simply stand in the light. I wanted to dance.

There is sometimes, however, a moment when you see the heavenly glory, when all you can do .. is be still.

A Brighter Thought for today.

Whether you dance, or be still, enjoy the light of God’s love.

bubble clean clear close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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