Yes, the impossible can happen

“With God, all things are possible.” She ran down a long rock road, barefooted and gasping for air, trying to get away from the man who said he would kill her. The little girl had thrown away his alcohol, pouring bottle after bottle in the toilet, and when he found out, he was furious. Her blond hair billowing in the wind, tears stained her face and her chest hurt from running so fast and hard on those rocks. She was never a runner, could never breathe like that. Until she had to. Finally making it to her best friend’s house, she found respite for the next few days. The episode would serve to set her free from the sexual abuse she had endured since she was tiny.

Growing up, her parents were poor, and many said she would never amount to anything. She was awkward, bullied at school, and it seemed her only friends were at church.

That summer, she discovered her gift of writing. Burying herself in books, she was always “that girl” who carried journals and pens with her.

A trailer park child, she looked at the sky, and wondered, “is there more?”

Carrying armloads of books, she traveled all over the world, by herself. Well, not really. But the books carried her to places she wanted to see.

Time passed, and the little girl grew up.

She wrote her story and published a book about it. For a little over a decade, she was a professional writer. And she had the privilege to interview the first female writer of Wonder Woman comics, a worldwide legend.

Trailer park girl made good.

Nothing is impossible with God.

Looking back on that rocky road, I see that my feet have always been in motion. People say, “wow, you are really driven.”

They have no idea.

Big goals. Big dreams. And a notebook full of plans.

I have been blessed.

You know, I don’t know where you are right now, what you are running from,

photo of clear glass bottle with rolled paper
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or to. But I do know that whatever you want is within your reach.

Have a sweet day, precious one.

I can’t wait to hear your story.

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