The joy of tandem

“This too shall pass,” they say.

The saying itself has gotten me through many hard days.

Storms will yield fields of flowers.

Times of want will give way to abundance.

Fatigue will pass and sweet rest will come.

Darkness will be overcome by light.

A lack of justice will give way to

nature flowers plant flower
Photo by Pixabay on


What is broken will be repaired.

And we will be thankful we made it through.

Don’t give up.

Good days are coming.

P.S. Ralph, my new betta fish, is doing well. I am amazed that he has such a personality, as most bettas seem to sort of float. But he fans his fins like a bird flaps their wings. Loves feeding time and enjoys the sound of my voice. A good example he is, of being happy with the little things in life.

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