The deeper heart of service

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The very word, “servant,” has, I believe, grown to be looked upon as the menial, unimportant, less desired work of the world. A great deal of discussion took place in Bible days, and in other historical accounts, surrounding the world of servants. In modern society, America, our servants are technologically based in many ways. A former housekeeper who made a living working for the wealthy, I can attest to the fact that a housekeeper, waitress, janitor, etc. are considered hospitality services. Yet they are paid positions, so, no, you are not a slave.

There are slaves, unfortunately, that still exist, and that is a conversation for another day.

But here is the deal. Service. When encountering the world at large, it runs through my head that I am here to serve others. There are those who tend to talk down to people in various walks of life and positions, and it is true it is not fun to be considered a servant for someone else’s whim.

Yet. It is honorable to serve. Serving means I am not better than you. I am here to bless you. How can I bless you today?

This thought rocked my world recently, and has given me a peace over some things I was seeing in our world.

There are those who have been exposed to what I call “slave mentality.” And it makes it hard for them to really serve others without reservation.

My own struggle with service stems from being enslaved from age 7 to age 12 to a family member who sexually abused me. Slave mentality develops for some of us, and for some, when we grow up, we say “I will never be used again.” So we always have to be in control. To be a servant, we believe, makes us vulnerable.

Yet the servant, the true servant, runs the world, and they do not even know it. They show up, serve up, keep things going, and live for the betterment of all the world.

So that is not so bad, is it? Be blessed today, wherever you are.

Just a thought for today.

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