The melody of Away

The air was sweet and the skies, blue, as puffy cotton-like clouds dotted the horizon. “Away,” she said. “I need to get away.

A phrase spoken oft, the “away” seems to drift aimlessly on an ocean of hope until schedules and finances line up to make “away” possible.

The word “away” conjures up images of relief, finally, a break in routine from the mundane, and perhaps, stress of this life.

“Away” can also be a moment of respite, relief from the battle at hand.

In a perfect world, everyone gets a chance to take a vacay. But for some, that is not possible, this year.

Tapping the Spotify button on her phone, she picks her favorite music, leans back in the driver’s seat of her car, at lunch, and is for a few moments, suddenly, “away.”

The mental break was just what she needed.

Relief can be as simple as a melody. A measure timed for the now.


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