The first step

I looked at the calendar yesterday, and realized it has been five whole years since I published my book, The Brighter Side of A Darker Thing.


Five years of being brave, sharing my story, of growing, learning, I get stronger every day.

I am an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. My perpetrator started “grooming” me, as counselors say, with weird grabs and hugs, around 7 years old. At age 9, full blown rapes began, and shopping trips were promised. I felt so ashamed. (Perhaps the reason I enjoy working for a living. No guilt in money you earn.)

God has done amazing things in my life, for in sharing my story and how I try to look “on the Brighter Side,” I have overcome much.

People have asked me “why don’t you market your book?” and I simply tell them, “how do you market your heart?”

I have experienced great blessings along the way. People I know and others I do not, have started their healing journeys.

I have met artists, musicians, teachers, cops, physicians, writers, government workers. Seems like so many have been through something similar. Abuse seems to know no boundaries.

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That first step of telling my story was scary. I am very public about it, and have shared at many conferences, events, workshops, meetings.

Here is the deal. Life changed for me when I decided I had enough. Facing the past, it has actually served to propel me forward.

How does one overcome? For me, having a spiritual connection helped. But also, friends, family, choices to be creative and not self destructive, reading other people’s stories, and making a firm decision to embrace this: my imperfect life made me the person I am today.

Just some thoughts today. Outside, I hear traffic. The birds are chirping, and the rooster is yodeling. Morning is here, a brand new day. A chance to live, create, bless, sing, visit people.

What is your first step? Mine was telling someone my story. Never thought I would put my years of journaling into a book. There is something freeing about releasing the great secret.

Have a beautiful day all.

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